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Teachers can register themselves or their schools by clicking on the link below:
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(Student accounts are created by their teachers.)

Who should enter?

It is recommended that all students in a year group are entered. This is because one of the aims of the challenge is to discover aptitude. The questions are in the form of engaging puzzles that start off relatively easy so that every student can have a go at them. Most students will find that by the end of the 40mins they are trying to solve problems that they are finding very challenging. Very few students in the UK finish all the problems. We would love it if you entered the whole school!

Are there any posters and fliers?

Registered teachers will be able to find these in the Documents section of the admin site.

Can you recommend any teaching materials?

Sure! Try these:

Our Bebras Cards for primary schools:
bebras cards teacher's page

Our very own Blockly Turtle teaching resources:
bebras' blockly turtle teacher's page

ADA Computer Science resources for GCSE and A Level:

Hello World magazine has a lot of useful ideas for teachers and is free:

The Computing Curriculum provides the complete set of resources to help you teach computing to students aged 5 to 16 (key stages 1 to 4 in the UK) provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation:

What about training for teachers?

Please try these free online courses from Raspberry Pi Foundation on the edX platform: